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image consulting

Every time we meet a person, the innate and inevitable process that leads us to judge exclusively on the first impression, positively or negatively, sometimes permanently, starts.

The image is the effect of the impact that person has on individuals with whom he or she comes in touch and it is an illusion only for those who do not have the key to interpret the codes.

A careful selection of clothing and accessories can delete or modify radically wrong messages, helping to come to light the personality of the individual, helping them to project an adequate and external coherent image of itself, balanced and intelligent.

Therefore it is a specific task of the Image Consultant to learn how to decode the language linked to the personal and professional image, in order to be able to implement the ideas of its customers, giving value to the image as a capital such as a service of their various goals.

P.R. Events provide an initial image assessment for free, making up a custom quote that contains all the hints and tips of the case, offering personalized services providers on which you can rely in order to obtain the optimum result.

There are no ugly ducklings, only swans who have to fly!

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