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Weddings in Italy

If for the most beautiful day of your life you choose Italy, trust who is homely in this country!

We have a wide selection of locations ready for you that can represent your ideal of our beautiful country: an Hill of vineyards in the Tuscany countryside, or a Terrace overlooking the Sea on the Ligurian Riviera or a Seventeenth-Century Manor in the Piedmont Region... Whether you dream the fairy-tale wedding or an intimate ceremony, whether you desire a magnificent or a minimalist party, we are ready to follow and support you throughout all the organization. We will continuously take care of everything with passion and precision, behind the film camera of a movie where we will be together filmmakers and you the absolute protagonists.

Themed Weddings

Winter Wedding

imagine that you arrive at a wooden church with stone roof hidden in the snow, wrapped in a warm fur, in a silver-white with hints of crystals atmosphere...

Luxury wedding

a truly exclusive location, which guarantees privacy and discretion, as well as the top of elegance and style... without comparison.

Renaissance Marriage

dream a reception in a smart building lighted by candles and torches, with musicians and jesters in their colorful costumes. Ask your guests to join the spirit of the event and dress up accordingly ... all set in a 15th century residence with beautiful frescoes and luxurious marble floors. To follow, a banquet worthy for a king.

Medieval wedding

suppose to arrive on a horse-drawn carriage to a castle of the Eleventh century, with the trumpeters that greet you as you enter the drawbridge and your guests toasting your way in... dinner can be realized in a typical rustic menu, with fireworks to conclude this spectacular day.

Marriage on the yacht

try to figure out the shape of a ship that stands between the blue sea and the sky... then smell the salt air, the gentle breeze, the caress of the sun and the glare of the water... you are on board! A tasteful reception will be the way to crown a glamorous event.

And also

Symbolic Ceremonies and Promises of Love

(also among people of the same sex)

Renewal of promises

do you think that the day of your wedding passed so fast that you would like to enjoy allagain, ceremony and celebration with friends and family, pictures and flowers and all the rest? Here you are the "renewal of the promise" which can be held on one of the anniversaries of the date or on another date of your choice...

Last-minute Weddings

have you decided to get married in a hurry and are you afraid not to have enough time to organize everything? We are ready to help you to do it, even in a few days!

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